Thursday, September 18, 2014


some of  my summer wandering
 florida backwaters
so peaceful
get off the paved roads
see where the dirt roads lead
my lil' 4 x 4 jeep
suits me well
ferns growing atop palms
love florida au natural

ormond beach neighborhood
 found a gorgeous ginger jungle
my dream garden

wandered the beautiful
"old beach road"


it is good to wander
palmetto hammock trail

my summer was full of wandering
wander: to ramble without a definite purpose,
to casually meander
hope yours was too

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

hello again

been away for a while
ok, a  little longer than a while
work has us traveling to space coast
new places to discover, new places to play 
 black point wildlife drive
in merritt island refuge
protected area that surrounds NASA's space center
a 5 mile dirt drive
 thru gorgeous unspoiled marshes & mangroves

blue heron
we rode on the outside of our jeep
like a real safari
later this evening we watched a satellite launch
at 2 in the morning!!!!

found fun lunch spots on work days
love the manatee @ cracker jacks in titusville
that's just the way we roll
life is beautiful
I've missed ya

Friday, February 21, 2014

love on the rock

had ourselves a little getaway to
just got back
in love
enjoying life
blueskies & sunshine
for 10 whole days
but refreshingly cold & crisp
my new 66 North jacket 
 the ROK
now back to the beautiful scenery
shipwreck remains

this beach was full of  lava stones
tumbled smooth by the ocean
I brought a few home
take this road to straumur
old homes sit by the ocean
brutalized by the fierce
icelandic weather conditions

in the evenings we roamed downtown
iceland sometimes referred to as
sometimes lovingly .. sometimes not

you get that?

Saturday, November 23, 2013


florida style


Sunday, November 10, 2013

happy beachy

happy beachy
: birthday :
even if it was a little belated
due to circumstances of life
and bad weather
the boys entertained themselves
i shopped
friki tiki & big bamboo
favorite shops on flagler
enjoyed flamingo follies
art festival
one of us on a skateboard :)

this is Karen of KRM collections
loved her organic shell mirror
and her cute dress
loved the surf - beach art
how cute was this
old vintage truck doors
with painted windows
music, food, surf, sand, art
cute boys
happy beachy birthday


Friday, November 01, 2013


 fall trip to tennessee
to see daughter & gkiddos
and the  leaves
river rats 
lol jordan, you are awesome
gson ashton
such a sweetie
trail hike - fall beautiful
*warning - black bear habitat
gson  landon
"this is the best day of my life"

this trip for jordans 8th birthday
 tomboy fashionista & nature girl
the neighbors cat
she hangs with all the action
we discussed sending her home with pink streaks
sunset views from hang glide area
on georgia side of lookout mtn
 time with  family & friends on
kids & gkids ran in seven bridges marathon (5k)
the 25K a qualifier for boston marathon


nina, pinta & santa maria replica ships
were at the riverfront also
good to walk in fall leaves
climb river rocks
share in a birthday celebration
gather around a fire-pit
see hang gliders overhead at sunset
party at a skating rink
eat some good meals
hold my grandbaby
sit by a warm fireplace
f a l l



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