Friday, October 21, 2011

my florida life

hi all :))

has it really been 15 days since i last posted ?

been beachy & busy since arriving home

as much as i love the rugged beauty and inspiring contrasts

of Iceland

i love coming home to flip flop wearing weather

beach days

and the casual ease of

my florida life
celebrated my daughters 30th birthday beachside

she wasnt thrilled about this milestone day

so we did shots as we ck'd the beach shops
it helped :))

had us some friki tiki time

and i found something for my birthday wish list :))


so happy to be back, missed you!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

iceland :: art

went to the opening of

at hafnarborg in hafnarfjordur

wine, art lovers, conversations

extremely beautiful and inspiring aerial views of iceland

sigurjonsson has done many books on iceland

"icelanders" " icelandic horse" "lost in iceland"

to name a few

visited the

reykjavik academy of the arts

not like in usa where you need formal clearance to wander

thru college classrooms


its iceland

just find the person in charge, say hello

say you want to look around and do so :)))

each student has their own studio space

loved looking at their journals and creative experimentation

inspired :))

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

iceland : : old harbor reykjavik

enjoyed a stroll thru "old harbor"

while in reykjavik, iceland the last 10 days

we had a long friendly chat with Saedis

first shop owner in the old fishermen huts by the harbor

she, family and friends went about the formidable task

of cleaning 100 years of fish, nets and gut stink

phew..can you imagine????

like many icelanders, she welcomes guests by burning

candles by her doors

she was just as warm and friendly

these armbands are her design

if you walk to the harbor and look right

you'll see the new harpa international concert center

a bit of a view hog

dramatic contrast to the humble old harbor fishing huts

but thats what makes iceland so beautiful


strong contrasts

about 20 miles south of reykjavik

in a small coastal town called


we visted the islenkgur

a full viking ship replica

pretty cool stuff

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