Tuesday, May 16, 2006

bits of blue

this was my first motherless mothers day....being at salt springs state park (a little bit of florida paradise), enjoying the sounds of nature and hearing the childrens excitement made for a happy day. we swam and saw huge catfish as large as my leg (now thats large!)...someone caught a turtle swimming by and the little ones swam with it. a father introduced his daughter to snorkeling. several airboats pulled in and the boys yelled "cooool". unfortunately there was more excitement. some poor guy got bit by a rattlesnake going to the restroom...and on the far end of lake george a women snorkeling was attacked and killed by a gator. this put me in remembrance of a mothers day boating trip where i had a close encounter with a gator. life is more dangerous when you actively participate in it, but the alternative is missing it! there are so many amazing things to explore and experience in life....even with a bit of blue, the gifts of the day were many!

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