Monday, March 03, 2008

prairie folk...

moving on to reduce garaged items.
found these wood block dolls i made
years ago for the girls! yes, i
actually "crafted". they are so
sweet i hardly want to sell
them on craigslist as planned.
they are just as cute from behind!
they look "little house on the
prairie" inspired.

but onward to a lighter existance...


Jordan said...

i did not know you made thoes.. did you acutally paint the faces and stuff??? DO NOT throw thoes out or sell them. J would like to play with them one day. they are too cute to get rid of plus you made them.. .. I can't believe that. they are so sweet. w/b fair

anita said...

of course you can have them!
when i saw these i thought
about making a new "beach
family" for j...

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