Friday, March 27, 2009

take a tip from me...

got ians hair cut yesterday

at ck out lester said "it'll be $10.00"
so i paid with (what i thought was) a $20...
told the girl to give me five back, then rethought it
and said..."you know what, just give it to lester"

as i approached my car, out flies lester saying
"do you know what you did"
me: oh....(smiles) yeah, i want you to have it,
you"re always so good with ian, we appreciate it.
lester: are you sure?
me: absolutely
lester gives me a big hug goodbye...

flash forward to dinner out with my daughter...
me when the check arrives: i've got it!
i reach in my bag for the $50... that i had..
or er, ummm...yeah...are you getting where this is going..
and i pulled out the lone remaining bill...a $20.00.

thats right folks, i tipped the stylist $40. on a $10. haircut


Natalie said...

WOW! Karma is totally going to hook you up, girl! :-D

And the hair cut IS pretty fabulous.

anita said...

natalie, you shoulda seen my face when i realized what i had done...and of course, all the little the sylist running out to ask me if i knew what i had done...

thanks for dropping by, hope your having happy days in your corner of paradise!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

...But you made HIS day. No probably week. Maybe even year.

That part feels good, eh?

It's just money...and like Natalie says, It'll come back to you in spades!

Love the accompanying pics!!

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