Monday, March 22, 2010

key west weekend

hello first day of spring, from key west

while on work-play trip to naples,fl
the key breezes were calling
want to join me on our conch republic stroll?

hello gorgeous blossoms
how 'bout this gorgeous painted queen anne
on eaton st. (built in 1887)

my favorites .. the classic revival conch's
also known as a bahama house
balcony porches...yes, please!-

shutter covered doors open to breezes

from the grandest to the simplest

island color splashed everwhere

the good life indeed

yep, yep...a bike on the porch
and oh my, i wish you could have heard the most
beautiful serenade of singing and guitar as we strolled down
elizabeth st.
trippy hippie on the balcony ... you had my heart!
stopping for a neighborhood lunch
fresh grilled mahi-mahi @ BO's fish wagon
mmmm, with lime sauce and a beer
the conch republic
aka: life in the historic district
full of tropical delights

perfect hello to spring

thanks for strolling along :)


sealaura said...

how fun!! this has always been a place I have wanted to spend LOTS of time in. It looks so old world. I would love to stay at a fabulous old home and eat some amazing tropical bfasts as I looked on to the beach. thanks for the stroll. come by on wednesday i will take you on a little stroll to a beach near me.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

LOVE that stroll. We need to get down there again. Love the fish shack. Yum!

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