Monday, April 26, 2010

fresh starts

its been crazy here
being "accidental landlords" means
condo overhauls when you least expect it

ick, cleaning other peoples dirt :(
but as life works
now daughter who has lived with us for last year
is moving in and on
and shes clean!!

this condo was done w/ work scraps
mirrors & cabinets built by sweet boy
granite - westin hotel scraps
louver doors - disney throw outs

it is beachy and light
and suits daughters personality perfectly

her things look perfectly at home and while we had a working weekend..

the new "tenants" enjoyed a weekend in daytona

me next :)


simpledaisy said...

Wow...lucky you to have such wonderful throw outs!!!
The bathroom looks great and what a way to recycle:)

vicki archer said...

Now they sound like the perfect tenants....enjoy the weekend, xv.

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