Sunday, August 15, 2010

walking richmond

heres beautiful monument ave
downtown richmond
the whole avenue is on the historical register
the sidewalks are tree lined

each home more beautiful and grand then the next

classic revival, art deco, antebellum

the streets divided by this wide pedestrian area
lucky dogs !!
even in such a historic and grand place
childrens voices heard inside the homes
happily running amuck

i loved the doorways and porches

the stained glass..many were tiffany

the old wrought iron fences

the well dressed gardens

the unexpected

nowaday lifestyles mixing comfortably with the old

refined and patriotic

comfortable and gracious

see why i fell in love with richmond?

and in every intersection
massive confederate statuary
this one, general lee
thanks for strolling along :)

1 comment:

sealaura said...

love this tour, I love architecture especially old buildings. very well done my dear, I feel as though I was walking right along with you. ooh and also relieved no crabs were hurt in that photo shoot! :)

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