Thursday, December 16, 2010

happy holidays

still housebound
getting my santa business done via internet
and with a little help from my friends :)
happy holidays all :)


sealaura said...

Hello dear anita!

Hope you are able to enjoy your bedrest. Are you watching all sort of Lifetime movies :) ?? Hope Ian and the gang are taking good care of you.

anita said...

i'm surrounded by lots of love:) i was able to sit in the sunshine for hours today..thank goodness, as i was getting very bed rest"less" :))
should be good as new by end of month, thanks for kindness laura

Turquoise Diaries said...

Its great that you are feeling much better and I am sure that you will get all the necessary boost for your health during this holiday season..Merry Christmas Anita..

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Hope you get healthier and stronger by the minute...sending you much cozy Christmas wishes...and love...lot's of it!

anita said...

thank you each..i am doing better each day! get clearance to soak in bath very soon, then i consider myself "there" :) i return the love!

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