Tuesday, December 06, 2011

getaway town

our getaway town is
we spent our anniversary weekend here recently

the oldest catholic church in america sits in town center,

lovely to walk with old bells ringing

the earliest history of florida and america surround you
the whole pirate and treasure theme are real here
we enjoy "old towne"
a favorite sidewalk cafe is CELLAR 6
white sangria, gourmet tapas style menu,
view of aviles st with its trippy hippie college kids
park pirates and horse and carriage
make for excellent people watching
being in the restuarant creation business
we love handsome, well designed places
this place is gorgeous inside too with live music at night
strolling old town is just relaxing
this doorstep has photo opt all over it !

love the architectural and unexpected

i love these blues

and the old gardens growing with reckless abandon

what is your getaway town ??

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