Thursday, July 12, 2012


 had ourselves a day at
new smyrna beach
 we hit the south end
where private homes sit right on the ocean
 mostly vaca rentals that were closed up today
 found ourselves a shady spot 
under a tiki deck
 had ourselves a picnic on the beach rocks
 ian made friends with kids
who had a floating trampoline
you KNOW it was good!
  the architect of this home has built
several similar homes along NSB
curvy roof lines is his thing
boogie boarding
body surfing
friends with benefits
greek salad at "manny's" beachside
a stop at the playground
an ice-cream for the ride home

another nice beach day :)


Melissah from Coastal Style said...

looks like an amazing day. I would love a house right there on the beach!


sealaura said...

not sure if I already commented but that house reminds me of the work of Antonio Gaudi, the spanish architect. He is known for his Dr. Seuss designs such as park Güell. Anyway, lovely beach pics.

Someday Florida. Someday. :)

Sarah - Squeezed Daily said...

I like the way you roll! love the huts on the beach.

sar x

Wendy said...

I so, so, so love NSB. It's my home away from home... These photos are making me want to get in the car and head over NOW. Unfortunately, I have to work. Meh. But what I wouldn't give for a day trip to JB's. :)

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