Friday, November 02, 2012

fall snaps

october blew by
literally there at the end with "sandy" brushing our coast
so busy with a renovation for family
a creative fastpaced shoestring endevour
the befores and afters to follow
family moved in for a few weeks

also doing some bday shopping
clothes, ugh!!!
i must be missing a girlie gene
but here is the inspiration i tried for

socceer season continues w/ ian
i'm foraging the new yard for fall blooms
love these sunflowers

more inspirations

and took some time for holiday
w/ the gsons
i was lovin the tropical here!!
miss ya'll


sealaura said...

Hello dear anita!

Love your fashion inspiration pics, I would pick the same things. Still hot here, I guess it will always be hot here...I'm almost at my year mark in Texas.

October did fly by indeed, I am missing Cali but at the same time doing my best to enjoy life here in the Tropics.

I hope Ian scores a few goals this season! I bet he's a champ!

Have a great weekend friend!

anita said...

Ty Laura
beautiful gorgeous weather this weekend. working on the house renno's today. tomorrow a gardens tour and an afternoon on the beach with a picnic. have a fun weekend Xox anita

Anne Downing said...

Love the flowers

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