Tuesday, May 12, 2009

happy campers...

say hello to my newest surprise!

sitting amongst the dandelions
was this little charmer of a beach camper
can you see it?
gkids, beachside camp spots,
outdoor showers..surf boards lined up
party lights, beach bikes

i will keep you updated on happy remodel
and sweet boy, this is for you">


Anonymous said...

is it for rent....?
kveĆ°ja, sigga

anita said...

come enjoy it whenever you want...
soon it will be very cute and
comfortable! especially sitting by
the beach in the keys :)

simpledaisy said...

How perfect...
What a great find...if it were mine, i'd have to paint it aqua blue!! Lucky you!!

anita said...

it will be some shade of beachy blue! and i'm wishing for a lil snowie machine for the gkids too :)

Emily said...

Your camper is full of charm and potential! Best of luck on your remodel!

sealaura said...

love it! After the VW weekend, I am dying for a little bus or camper. Don;t know if you have been to this blog but on the right side bar she has her camper and it is adorable. scroll downn :

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