Tuesday, May 05, 2009


i'm off to aveda institute for some refreshing...
hmmmm..serenity, inner radiance or rejuvenation?

and besides being the total aveeno/aveda girl, i'm also
all about almay for my simple beauty needs..

target has two pack eyeshadow for $5.04 right now!


sealaura said...

take me with you dear anita! I am home sick, but my nurse Norman Alexander is keeping me company. I could use a day at the spa. maybe once I kick this cold.

anita said...

get feeling better!
do you have any beauty schools near you? they offer great services by eager students for greatly reduced prices. i just happen to have an aveda school an hour away...and g is working nearby, so i keep him company riding there and say...see ya later at the spa door!

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