Sunday, July 12, 2009

bloomin idiot...

look what i did! my very first orchid re-bloom..

i get it now

wisedom from savannah
"act like you know something"

probably what all those other orchids were saying
behind my back


simpledaisy said...

Beautiful! I have never tried to grow an orchid! I am not too good with indoor plants! I love that "act like you know something!" So true!

Maya said...

Funny!!! The orchid looks gorgeous... I won't even try to grow something like that.

vicki archer said...

Well done - I have never managed that. My re-blooms are always too scrawny to bother with. xv

anita said...

snipped off below last bloom, stuck it outside, let mother nature and floridas high humidty
"water" it, shocked it with orchid
fertilizer 3 or 4 times, set it in filtered morning light..

2 months later...voila!

MissBliss said...

fabulous!!! i was really close once when a small child broke off the stem! a little zen lesson i told myself ... ;)

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