Friday, July 24, 2009

take it easy...

are you in

sizzle or simmer

this heat takes me back to a late summer trip out west..
(5 month work n play roadtrip)
after roadside relief along route 66..

i met this guy, who rode 200 miles west with us..
across the butt-crack of america..

the soundtrack of our trip was the eagles..
they sang "take it easy" as we rolled thru winslow arizona..
i like to think this was fate smiling..

our "welcome to vegas" greeting..

fun times ahead..

we worked n lived one block off the strip, on paradise

vegas, you are one hot town!

we had evening picnics along lake havassu
there was lots n lots of this..
and this..
and this..
didn't we already cover butt cracks?

in life, as in roadtrips
when you find yourself in the valley of fire

you just gotta take it easy!

*i'll take simmer over sizzle right now, thanks


sealaura said...

anita you are such an inspiration to me! love all these pics and all the happiness that is so contagious! we are sizzling out here in cali but B and I are headed towards the water, hooray!

anita said...

thank goodness for water!
it was sizzle here too, our a/c was out much of the day...i thought i would lose my coconuts...

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