Monday, August 17, 2009

gulfcoast getaway

been on mini vaca to naples
heres our morning swim-breakfast spot
glorious clear flat waters
hundreds, no thousands of sand dollars
heres our sunday morning swim-breakfast spot
speaking of sand dollars...

friend thor took us to some excellent restuarants
here @ BRIO for beef carpaccio and drinks

in naples everything is gorgeous tropical lux
ck these pots..
each one a work of art
then a day to sanibel and captiva..

welcome to a slice of lux neighborhood heaven..
yep, just some lucky folks back yard
beach treasure

a little hint of captiva

how 'bout this prime florida real estate
price is right
never dull, always exiciting

see what i mean..
look who we crossed paths with in sanibel..

thats right folks, a CROCODILE

smiles from southwest florida!


Maya said...

I love that sand dollar on the house..., and I'm putting it in my file on Beachy and Nautical Curb Appeal. Thanks! The crocodile, what a sighting!!!

Queen B. said...

beautiful beachy pics!

simpledaisy said...

Love all the pictures!!! I have been to Sanibel and loved it!
Seems so crazy to me to have alligators crossing the we have deer and squirrels!!!!!!

A French Cloud said...

looks beautiful- except for the crocodile-OMG!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Was that really a crocodile?? Or an Alligator? I hear there are more and more crocodile's coming to these parts...they're feisty!

Love seeing the other side of the state through your eyes!

Turquoise Diaries said...

Beautiful beach pictures but I love the crocodile. In our little peninsula we only come across with some wild donkeys and pigs..

anita said... really WAS a croc..dont know why i found that much more unsettling. crocs are not natural to florida, but somehow they are here. they love that brackish water..this guy was leisurely crossing from one ditch to another
near beach..yikes.

ChrisC and JonJ said...

Just found your blog.Love it!
And love Sanibel AND Naples,too.
We consider ourselves fortunate enough to have friend who live in both places.

Anonymous said...

Where can one find a sanddollar like that to buy?

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