Sunday, August 02, 2009

summer haven..

spent day walking beautiful summerhaven
(north-east coast, fl)
between the low tide intercoastal and beach
hand in hand with my sweetie...

so, where is your summer haven?


sealaura said...

my summer haven is anywhere with my B and Normie. a little sand and saltH20 doesn't hurt either! These pictures are just lovely, you should frame them and put them in your beach casita. I went to the surf museum this weekend, you would love it. I will share about it later this week.

anita said...

oooh, i've heard about that...
i look forward to your visit!

Maya said...

That just sounds like you had the most perfect Sunday! We celebrated our 13th anniversary..., and had a lovely walk through the neighborhoods (in the fog).

Rhonda @ Shellbelle's Tiki Hut said...

Oh goodie, another Floridian who posts beach pictures. It's a good day in blogland.

I found you via Turquoise Diaries, where you commented about being from Florida. I see one of my most favorite bloggers is here also — Maya, so I know this is a good thing.

I also see someone is going to post about the surf museum, so I'm going to guess it's the one at Ron Jon's in Cocoa Beach, been there and love it! Have to check her blog out also.

Thanks for a lovely visit!

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