Thursday, October 08, 2009

rock on

ians room has been inspired by aaron christensen!
we love his (brit) rocker vibe..

were working on a few more projects
in the mean time .. a nap

and happy birthday to mommy

ian presented her with this lucky brand necklace
a flower to wear around her neck
from the boy who loves to pick flowers for girls :)


sealaura said...

OMG! could he be any cuter? love that necklace and his good taste in decor. happy friday.

vicki archer said...

Such a sweet, sweet gift....Have a happy weekend, xv.

staceyjwarner said...

love this and what a cutey...nothing more angelic than a sleeping child!

much love

simpledaisy said... it!!! I am total rocker girl!!! What a cutey:)

Dreamgirl said...

Very cool kid indeed:-)

Wishing you a rocking weekend!

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