Thursday, October 15, 2009

santa fe

fall always takes me back to our month in SANTA FE, NM

aren't these colors warm and cozy

we were doing hotel renno's at the LaPosada in historic downtown..

which was featured that year as one of the top 10 spa hotels

the hotel was partially shut down b/c of renovations


i made myself nosey and poked everywhere i could

mmm, their citrus spa soap was to die for

i brought some of them home !!!

each room is unique and has quite expensive local art pieces for sale

i definately did not take any of THAT home

they also have kiva wood burning stoves in each room

and include stoking a fire for nightly turn down service

indian influences saturate the city

black birds are everywhere in local art

the rich colors that remind me of fall

and religious homage

make SANTA FE feel very spiritual

this is called the "abbey road" of SANTA FE

every where you look..its about the art culture

we visited o'keeffes museum

you gotta love a gal who rides the deserts with young men at this age

georgia girl, you rock!!

said all that to say

today i break out the leather espadrilles bought as we left town old shoe friends..

laced with sweet memories

wouldn't you love it too, if while holding hands out of town, your sweet guy says


swing this truck around dude, park right there...yeah THERE

there you have it..

and now you know ..wink


Maya@Completely Coastal said...

We were in New Mexico a few years ago, but didn't drive up to Santa Fe! How could we not??!! Love the architecture, those fireplaces..., and the overall artsy feel of the place. And I'm sure there's great Mexican food to be had too.

staceyjwarner said...

what a wonderful place! I've never been but have heard it is a great place to visit and live.

sealaura said...

beautiful post. makes me want to hop on a bike! vroom! i would love to visit santa fe. it is on my list. and that citrus soap, fabuloso! maya makes a good point, what about the food? delicioso right?

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

I fell in love one Christmas eve with the city! The luminarias were everywhere...the sun was setting.

I felt home.

Love the place....and FUN shoes!

anita said...

we were actually out there in january, and the luminaries were still everywhere and it was lovely!

the food was very good, a favorite breakfast place (had owl in its name?) had green chili gravy and biscuits..and some cook would hoot like an owl..

yes and my shoes...they were classic santa fe and i wear them every fall..(such a fashion plate i'm NOT :) When i got home, i saw them in the sundance i loved them even more..

Turquoise Diaries said...

Such a lovely place and so many interesting thing. I bet you had great time..

MissBliss said...

I love Santa Fe! I saw it a few years back for the first time with a special childhood friend who lives in New Mexico... we explored and loved it. I have never seen something from a group of lapis and turquoise and silver jewelry that did not need to come home with me.... :)

Have you been to Taos??? ;)

P.S. I have similar shoes but mine are crochet brown cover, not leather... love yours too!

anita said...

yes, taos was very cool place.. ...and did you see the rio grande? yippe ki yay!

simpledaisy said...

Santa Fe is on my list of places to visit! Looks awesome:)

Jane said...

We had the opportunity to stay a La Posada a couple of years ago. We stayed in one of those patio rooms. It was fabulous! We had wonderful neighbors across the wall...Right outside our room was one of the central fire pits. In the evenings after dinner, we cozied up next to the fire and talked about our day. While the men talked about worldwide issues in the credit industry, the wives were taken on guided tours through the galleries and we were treated to history lessons. It was one of my most memorable experiences. La Posada is an amazing property and the Avanyu Spa is the tops!
Jane (artfully graced)

anita said...

laposada is quinessential santa fe for sure! did you learn of the "haunted" upstairs room and history? we got to ck that upstairs room out..also enjoyed hanging out in lobby and around bar for good music and loved seeing how the locals/artists dressed (yep, alot of leather and turquoise)..
thanks for visiting :)

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