Sunday, February 21, 2010

mini roadtrip

to see these beauties

two hours drive isn't too much when

spring is in the air..


a happy place to be today :)


simpledaisy said...

Oh to be able to see butterflies and lucky:)

sealaura said...

are those monarchs? we get those here in cali too.

anita said...

yes laura, they were monarchs!
i remember seeing huge amounts of monarchs while living in monterey as a young teen. i think it was part of their migration pattern. they covered trees entirely..
love to see it again :)

mina said...

did you take all of these photos?! i can never find a butterfly that stays still for long enough to take a picture.

anita said...

mina, yes i did! these were in an enclosed tropical garden..there were so many and it was actually easy..but your right, one lone butterfly is hard to shoot.

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