Saturday, April 16, 2011



gourmet open face sandwhiches

popular in iceland

with spring upon us

and more dining outdoors

i've been thinking about these unexpected pretties

you can make a tray of varied sandwhiches

and serve with fruit

creative, colorful, different

go ahead, get crazy..get fancy you can use cold cuts, procuitto

salmon, tuna, cheese

horseradish or radishes

herbs, eggs. salads, pickles, capers

dried onions, asparagus, fruit

what'cha think?

i'm thinking easter weekend :))


becky said...

I'm on it!!! Thanks for the ideas! "smurbraud" sounds Scandinavian..."smearing bread" I think, is the meaning? another way of expressing an open sandwich

anita said...

exactly what it means becky!
these open face sandwhiches are found everywhere around iceland. in fancy resturants, in bakeries, and in little country hotels..
smeared most often with butter or mayo first. i saw similar sandwhiches thru europe, but i think iceland gets the prize for fanciest.

Beach said...

I love making funny face sandwiches with my daughter. Happy Easter to you.

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