Tuesday, August 07, 2012


 the fam was invited to visit
a 500 acre  miniature horse farm
and 250 acre private animal rescue preserve
 what cute miniatures!!!
and how lucky these guys are to have such
a beautiful farm to live on
owner elaine loves her babies

 i think we all fell in love with the barn
 jordan loves horses
hopefully we'll get her riding soon
maybe miss elaine would adopt her!!
 after everyone warmed up and calmed down
miss elaine pulled out the hay buckets
and the love-fest began

 elaine names all the miniatures by theme every year
one year country singers
one year wines
one year beatle songs

 small pasture behind barn
then acres and acres of beautifully kept pastures

all together loving each other
thanks elaine


sealaura said...

you had me at "minature horses"

ADORABLE! I have been obsessed with minature goats lately. I know... I am a lunatic. So glad the kiddos had a nice outing, I want to go !!

anita said...

it was one of those farms that i pass frequently..behind fancy wrought iron gates. i actually felt so at peace and happy there, who knew???? i dont think miniature goats is crazy at all. ive seen mini brahmas and donkeys..all the minis are cute!!

Shivam said...

Nice horse I like your photos.
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