Wednesday, June 28, 2006

my two cute boys!!!!

i have been waiting to post pics of my way adorable grandson ian.
i couldn't resist showing todays fun with afi....we'll call it
"supervised running on drywall"...ian had a blast!
that drywall sure did make for a fun afternoon!
now you've met ....(back to title)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

allman joy

another 6 days to chattanooga....
hopefully helped to love up on jordan, visit her daycare, went for pedicures, celebrated Sarahs' bday w/ tropical b-b-q and to Riverbend music festivals last night concert..Greg Allman!!! Fair and i lay in grass listening to our favorites while sarah and friends yukked it up w/ flashing green sunglasses! We trekked to mountainside overlooking all of chattanooga to see the fireworks afterwards...beautiful! Next day we toured several new townhomes in coolidge park area...nice to know we are building to the same tasteful standards! This officially marked the beginning of our secondary home search! we celebrated Erics first fathers day...and faribas gift and sentiments to Gee brought tears!
On return home we stopped in Dalton to purchase carpeting...and in Atlanta the new Atlantic Station area, to visit Ikea. We bought our flooring & lighting, ordered cabinets and appliances.
Links to Atlantic Station and our favorite shops:

Saturday, June 03, 2006

red, white and blue!

6 fun days to tennessee to see our girls! this was baby j's first memorial day..her smiles were worth the miles! we visited dear aunt ruth, her humor and mind so clear at nearly 85 is amazing. i see my fathers face in hers....we had a nice evening downtown chattanooga on the riverfront, such a family freindly place. gee and i rode the motorcycle to Chickamaga military park by way of many charming small towns, all dressed up in red, white and blue...Fariba is our hero too, such a good mama to jordan! hard working, ever on duty...sacrificing for what is important to her.
heres to remembering what keeps us safe...p.s. jordans little white bear is "vik"..short for rekjavik, where he came from thanks to gees mom, unnur.

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