Wednesday, May 15, 2013

may flowers

april showers bring may flowers
the afternoon after our 6th gbaby was born
we had the sibs outside in their backyard
for a rip n run
spring in chattanooga was abloom
the white peony above was my favorite
the bulbs were blooming in profusion
 OH MY!!!
the beautiful backyard patio
climbs upward to a huge wooded area
even the gkiddos were feeling it
the big huge bumbees were gathering goodness
it seemed a perfect celebration for the
arrival of a new baby sister

 a happy play spot
jordan was so happy this day
she was skating and singing
april showers bring may flowers
: :
and babies


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

mimosa sundays

gnarly surf bar & grill - nsb
sunday morning mismosa
you sip, you watch beachy folk
you watch bridge go up
the breakers - beachfront view
its our sunday "thing"
mimosas, stroll around town, beach time
love mimosa sundays


hope all you "mamas" had a beautiful day
i did :))
first day back home after 10 days with
gbaby #6
 in chattanooga
meet our newest
Kamryn Shae
four weeks early and tiny
sister and brother making the adjustment
with lots of excitement and love

kamryn got her own tanning bed
(nooo! not really)
an at home light therapy bed to help her jaundice

:: sweet time::

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