Monday, July 31, 2006

celebrating friends...

met jean and cybil for lunch today, to celebrate jeans birthday. found my new favorite restaurant..seasons 52. what an beautiful healthy meal, my whole self felt happy to have had such a wonderful new dining experience. loved the dark, classy decor w/ vases full of tropicals including red ginger!!! i was in a happy glow all day from having such a good time! the desserts served in shot glasses were....perfect!

nordstroms again....

gee and i had a nice sunday at nordstroms...enjoyed a relaxing lunch of asian chicken salad and hot tea and relaxed shopping for travel clothes. left blissed out, and happy for the few (more) things i found.

summer sleepovers....

this is our cute overnite visitor ian is drying off from playing in his little wading pool. hearing his chubby feet run all over is a precious thing!

Saturday, July 29, 2006


ohhh-ahh time at nordstroms today w/ chels and ian...went for chanel luxuries and for some sweet underwear. nordstroms still my favorite pampered shopping experience. chels and i had a nice lunch in their bistro and we took ian to the childrens play area in mall. we have ian overnite and then hubby is taking me back to do some more focused shopping tomorrow for our upcoming trip...ahhhhhhh, smile! heres what i got today!

Monday, July 24, 2006

sunday in atlanta

after a productive week of rennovations, we took our sunday off to ride to atlanta again. needed more tundra gave us opportunity to revisit west elm and walk the atlantic station area. last week was texture, painting, installing crown, laying wood flooring, tiling, installing cabinetry, between which i helped chelsea with ian at a lab appt...and accompanied britt to see a home for much of summer has been spent in lowes, i find myself contemplating my next nail polish color in the paint dept., and finding the next inspiration from the magazines i look thru while pushing carts..inspirations like hip west elm in it here

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

save yankeetown

went to west coast on sunday via motorcycle...
hot ride!! stopped in crystal river (known for crystal clear waters, manatees and the nuclear plant) wanted to see inglis (ok, seen where?) rode thru yankeetown and found a tiny town freshly taken over by gov. jeb bush...battles over land development left the city government in wreckage. stopped to talk to a local businessman along water...he explained city hall as run by "good ole' boys..the kind that make you disappear" yikes! development will come can hardly stop it...

overheard at crackers resturant in crystal river:
customer to waitress: i'll have the turtle soup.....and make it snappy!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

dangled up in blue...

been waiting to use those dylan lyrics!
looks like someone got dangled up while fishing at new symrnas dunes park this sunday!!! ha!
and of course, no beach trip is complete without the
icecream boat....p-file ALERT!
and what about this crab gee made friends with...everyone else brought their dogs on, not gee..he just invites crabs up outta the ocean to talk with.
we saw lots of gopher turtles moving about in the dunes on our walk back to car.
and stopped at breakers on flagler for cold drinks afterwards....

Monday, July 10, 2006

ikea idea..

we went to atlanta to pickup "kitchen" at ikea...
fariba, eric & baby j met us there!
we visited over a lunch of swedish meatballs...
jordan LOVED the apple cinnamon cheesecake...
much to our amusement!!!!
every time the fork went to afi's mouth, baby j had her mouth open and ready!
jordan loved looking thru ikea w/ afi! he stopped at all the fun stuff!
here are the cabinets we ordered...alot of the condos in atlantic station are outfitted in ikea kitchens too!

happy feet!

we took ian shopping for a new pair of shoes today!
he was adorable running around in his new little reef sandels.
here ian is running around the fountain at Paneras after lunch!
he and mama are wearing skull and cross bones..ARGGGGGH!

red, hot, boom!

went to naples for 4th of july weekend. shopped for red ginger at local nurseries. naples is paradise for tropicals!
the guys worked on thors, hot, hot!
thor came back w/ us to install security systems in
recent projects.
saw fireworks with kids on 4th!!!
we celebrated the anniversary of our engagement!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

more random acts of summer

help neighborhood by refreshing entrance sign...
thanks to all who gave generously for lettering!

Monday, July 03, 2006

random acts of summer

lunches at atlanta ikea...after purchasing for recent projects
new summer chairs and fresh paint...
some of the renno's at home...shhhh! the rest is a secret!
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