Sunday, June 28, 2009

symrna sunday..

calm ocean w/ lots of dolphins swimming close today..

then this spot under the causeway..

oh say can you see...

me hanging way up here?

little unexpected moments of color and fun make the
heart happy

*chilled wine on the beach &
sunday morning acoustics on WMMO do too!

Friday, June 26, 2009

beach bums..

after beachside showers, we found a shady spot..

and relaxed in the ocean breezes..

or maybe not
our beach bums

doing what they do best!

have fun weekends everyone!

beach babes..

work had us beachside in melbourne today..

found a beachside playground and made a playdate out of it!

a ripnrun session w/out all the beach gear...

b/c beach babes love running free

summer sweetness..

duck feeding & playground downtown yesterday..
jordan sweetly taking care of her new feathered friends..
at lake eola, downtown orlando
do my feet look big?

ian meets cute little emily-and he was mush in her hands,
thats the way we like it, right ladies :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

lil buggers...

loved central fl zoo's new insect building..
free...yep, free to all your lil buggers who want
a fun, cool (as in a/c set nice and low )summer outing..

water and bugs...does summer get any better?

silly monkeys..

happy day @ central fl zoo..
hey? how'd these monkeys get out?
where are they going?
and what are they doing?
looks like they found the water park, the best part of the day..
water, water those monkeys play!
yep, water in summer is fun..
but what will make them run?
sno-cones for all the monkeys..

its good to be amma :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

daytona evening...

fun family evening in daytona beach
@ daytona lagoon waterpark..

we lazy river'd our evening away,
had beer and pizza dripping wet,
jumped waves, had barrels of water dumped on us,
and i even rode the big slide

fun times in daytona!

Friday, June 19, 2009

swimming the springs..

swam this bit of florida heaven today,
(one of floridas 700 discovered springs)
@ alexander springs in ocala nat'l forest

fresh-crisp spring waters,
white sands below,
beautiful natural surroundings,
even a 6 ft. gator sunning on the banks close by

it doesn't get more florida than this :)

*daughter fariba above enjoying vaca
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